IFDA Take A Seat CHAIRity auction Unwavering Chair

We were blessed and pleased to create this chair for the upcoming Take A Seat event hosted by IFDA.  It is our Anna style with up-cycled military fabrics from a blanket, camo pants and a khaki personal shelter.  The “stars” are original aluminum grommets from the shelter.  All of the chairs will be on display for 10 days at the Calvin Charles Gallery in Scottsdale.  We would love to raise a ton of money for this worthy cause!

Details here:  http://ifdatakeaseat.com  and http://ifdaaz.com/events/take-a-seat-charity-fund-raiser-and-gala-event/

The auction is to benefit Military Assistance Mission:    http://www.azmam.org

Wave-Chair-left Wave-Chair-Unwavering Wave-Chair-Flag Wave-Chair-Front Wave-Chair-full-flag Wave-Chair-Back Wave-Chair-Front-Full

Here is the back story:

The Reason

We are especially excited to participate in the IFDA Take a Seat fundraiser this year because military charities are very dear to our heart.  Our son Garrison graduated from the United States Naval Academy and is on active duty as a Naval Aviator.  As we enjoy this evenings’ festivities, he is on a mission to an undisclosed location for an undetermined length of time.  His wife,10 month old son and all of us anxiously await his return.  We celebrate with you tonight, but please know that every stitch and staple of our chair was applied with love and prayers for Garrison as well as all of the warriors who keep us safe and free.

The Chair

Our chair is the Anna style covered in a stylized USA flag constructed from military surplus materials purchased at Allied Surplus.  The metal legs were donate by Ferrous Hardware.

Chair name:   Unwavering

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