The start of something big!

We asked why designers love to work with Pacific.  We heard four items repeated often.

Valued Relationships
High Value/Quality
Dependable.  (One designer called us, “the least of her concerns”)

With that in mind, we are creating a line of tables with those attributes for the design trade.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming.

As a fixture in manufacturing for 6 decades, Pacific knows many resources in town who can craft beautiful, quality product.  We are combining the best of the best in bespoke manufacturing to create a system similar to our upholstered furniture.  Pick a shape, style, wood, metal and size you want and we will have an immediate price for you and your customer.

The first piece is the Peridot.  This sofa table represents the clean modern lines that you may desire in a side or coffee table as well.  This beauty is American Walnut with finished steel.

Have an idea you would like to see us add to our configurable table line?  Let us know!

Options?  You bet.

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