East meets West: Shou Sugi Ban on the Jerome Cart

Jerome Cart As the first entry of our limited edition Pacific Tables, this cocktail table was born of industry and utility. The base of this coffee table was originally used by Thompson’s Woodcraft. Thompson’c created custom furniture for 47 years locally until it’s closure in 2015. Obtained at auction this abandoned construct finds new life. The object of beauty it once selflessly help create is now the image it would see in the mirror. Certification available at purchase.

One of only 4 available, you may have this original charred blond ash  35″ x 48″ work of art for $1,947 wholesale have us craft another to your specs using one of the three remaining carts.

The Japanese term ‘Shou- Sugi- Ban’ (焼杉板), translate to “burnt cedar board.” This centuries old technique of charring wood planks not only adds artistic look, unique finish, but also improves durability by sealing the wood from rot and makes it more fire resistant.  No stain is used to create this amazing finish.

Watch more here:       Making ‘Shou Sugi Ban‘    and      Making ‘Yakisugi’



The Bare & Naked Before   and    After Sugi :


More Images:

Jerome-Cart-SSB-TruJerome Cart SSBJerome-Cart-Pacific-01Jerome-Cart-Pacific-03Jerome-Cart-Pacific-04Jerome-Cart-Pacific-05Jerome-Cart-SSB-Tru-01Jerome-Cart-SSB-Tru-02

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