When is it worth it?

We sometimes must disappoint customers who wants their furniture reupholstered by telling them, “It’s just not worth it?”

Here are the reasons to reupholster a piece;
1.  It has sentimental value.  (We conceived ALL our children on that chaise!)
2.  It uniquely fits the space
3.  The cushion inserts are all still in great shape and I still like the style
4.  It has wonderful exposed wood details.  As is the case with this job for Cynthia Robertson Interior Design

Reasons not to reupholster:
1.  It is a great frame or manufacturer
2.  All of the cushions inserts need replacing.  It will cost just as much as buying a new piece.

Reality;  as a wholesale manufacturer, we can usually make a new piece for about the same price as reupholstering if we need to replacing the cushions.  Our greatest expense is labor and fabric followed by cushions.  The frame is a low cost item and the labor to strip off the old fabric makes it almost worthless.

We love to do reupholstery and now you know when it is worth it.

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