Tru to the Table

When art meets fun-ction.  The men of TruCollective have upped the game of tables with their latest designs now available at the Pacific showroom.  Check out both of these unique and beautiful designs.

The Normandy:

This base is assembled with pressed pins through a central steel yolk that is designed and engineered to such precise tolerance, no glue or screws are needed.  Many tops are available from wood to concrete, but we love to show off the beauty of this walnut base through the looking glass.


Normandy BaseIMG_2597.JPG

The Aviator.

Inspired by the bent wood and struts of the early machines of flight, this base exudes fine craftsmanship.  Crafted of wire brushed and oxidized Ash, this breadboard top is also assembled with pressed steel pins.  The curved legs are made in the TruCollective shop of hand laminated bent wood.  Tell us what size, color or shape you want and we will have it made for you.

Aviator To0


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