Lower than Zurich, It’s a Lucerne!

If you travel through Switzerland and go south of Zurich, you hit Lucerne.  At Pacific, the Zurich has been a top seller for many years so we also took a littler lower approach to create the Lucerne.  The seating height is reduced to 16″ with the corresponding reduction in back cushion height.  The result is sink-int0 comfort and a modern, low look.

One unique feature is the seamless outside back and arm beneath an 8″ Pacific perch.  Perfect for floating in a room.

The fabric is one of our new P.O.P. brands with oder 100k double rubs in a soft, micro fiber twill.  At a grade F, this beauty will only set you back $1,840!

Vision Fabrics  Loft- Black


Loft comes in comes in 20 colors:

Lucerne Mapcityscape-lake-lucerne-lucerne-switzerland_main.jpg


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