More than a Dad

We take a break in format from our normal Weekly Current to pay our respects to one of the founders of Pacific;  J.D. Erwin.  I have had the privilege for almost six decades to call him “Dad”.   Yes, the cover picture is Dad looking like Elvis and sitting on a #7 sectional with me in my mom’s arms wearing the jumper.  (How embarrassing!)

Three Generations

Dad spent his last moments on earth yesterday after declining with Alzheimer’s for the last four years.  Even to the end, his playful sparkle still glimmered through the disease.  He is at peace now and so are we.  He loved Jesus so we know he is by His side.

Dad started Pacific with my grandfather in 1958.  Many of my childhood memories are wrapped around times down at the factory hanging out and learning from him.  Dad showed me by example to work hard, have fun and treat everyone with respect.  Most of what I know, I owe to him and will forever be grateful for his example and the manner that he treated his customers and friends.  He was the most lighthearted and generous person I ever knew and he will be missed by many who called him Papa J and friend… like me.  Yes, he was more than a Dad.


Those who knew J.D. and wish to share a story or learn more can go  here:
J.D. Erwin Tribute and Celebration of Life Service.

Pround Grandparents – Version 2

J.D. Erwin
1935 – 2017

9 thoughts on “More than a Dad

  1. So very sorry to hear about your loss Mark, but it’s beautiful that you have such wonderfully great memories to carry on with. My deepest condolences to you and your family. – Jeff – Abode Fine Living


  2. My heartfelt thoughts to you, Mark, on the loss of your Dad. May you and your family find peace and comfort in great memories and knowing he’s in the best place any of us could ask for. Blessings to you all.


  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, as you grieve the loss of your father. May his memory bring you comfort today and always.


  4. Mark and Beth,
    Yes, JD was a character for sure! I spent many hours working with him at the factory on all of my varied projects and he was always upbeat, interested, willing to participate and fair! He lived a good life and was a good man. It is wonderful that you both enjoyed your time on earth together in such a loving way and now can celebrate his legacy with peace in your hearts. Kudos to you JD – thanks for all that you did!


  5. Mark I’m very sorry to have heard the news. I hope with many wonderful memories it will give you some relief to know he lived a great long life. Thinking of the Erwin family at this time.

    Leslie Colvin


    Mark, my heart feels what you feel, I lost my Dad. All your memories of his life and legacy will long be remembered. Thank you for sharing with us, our condolences to all your family.


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