Furniture fast and delivered for free!


It’s as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Purchase Pacific Furniture with a graded in P.O.P. fabric or leather

  2. Ready in 4-5 weeks

  3. Delivered for free.


  • The material must be in stock to achieve the expedited deadline
  • Concierge and highly modified pieces are excluded
  • Minimum order of $2,000 to qualify for free delivery
  • Free delivery to the metro Phoenix area only

Why is Pacific introducing Pacific Prime?

Fast Chair

Pacific is always trying to make it easier to order our furniture.  What could be simpler than to have us order the fabric, make the furniture and pay for delivery?  You get one invoice for the entire process.  Plus, we think your customer may want to enjoy their new furniture sooner than 8 weeks.

No membership required!

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