Brilliant upholstery accessories

The Back Booster;

This was the brain child of a client who purchased a sectional with her designer from our showroom.  Her husband and kids were all  6 foot tall or more and she was a mere 5 foot on her tippy toes.  The family needed a Large, but she liked a medium.  She said, “why can’t you make me a little pillow like this for behind just my cushion?”  Great idea!  Now we offer the Pacific Back Booster.  Better than a lumbar, it is a 2″ foam cushion that is nestled behind one of the regular cushions to bump it out slightly.  Barely noticeable, it is a better solution than an ungainly lumbar pillow in one spot.



Do you have pets or kids who are just as messy as a dirty dog who like to sit on the couch?  This is a new innovation for us.  Why not take that little remnant of fabric and make a pet pad to cover a seat cushion for your customer’s new furniture.  Just ask and if there is enough fabric, we will make it for FREE.  Wouldn’t that be a nice gift for your client.

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