4th of July and we kicked out this Limey

The Colonies may have kicked out the British over 200 years ago, but at Pacific we have embraced our new favorite sisters, Leann M. Waisath & Lynae M. Parrott— LM-OH Interiors

Motto: Design your day fabulous!

static1.squarespace.png Screenshot 2017-07-05 16.18.14.png

Athens-Chair-S, Seam Arm Button Tuft, / 1/Tight Boxed Back, Button Tuft / 1/Double Welt, Cloud Seat / C.O.M. Legs, 33″ overall Wenge Finish / Modification 33” W x 28” D  x 33” H / Mid-Mod turned taper. See Pulte #100232. Alexis Bedroom.

POP Selection:       George M- Vibes, Herbal


Why did we call the British “Limey’s”?  Glad you asked.



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