Saving you precious time

JF Fabrics, Drapery Hardware and Wallpapers are ready for you to experience at Pacific. As the Arizona showroom for JF, we took on a major and exciting line to offer our designers more and more.

JF drapery hardware is truly current and unique


We have rearranged our showroom to better serve the way you shop.  All textures and solids are together and organized by color while patterns are on easy to see wings or hangers.


Studio J is the upper end of the JF family of fabrics.  It is so special we created a new hanging display so that is it easy to see and shop.


Our team at Pacific deserves a special shout out for their tremendous effort in creating the best JF display around.  Thousands of fabrics and memo’s needed to be hung or folded and organized.  Great job Paulina, Alicia and Dan!

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