Headed to the “Old Pueblo”

 Interior Expressions Comfort Fit system allows customers in Tucson to experience the comfort and feel of Pacific furniture before they purchase it.  No need to run up I10 and spend the day!  This customer chose a Large depth on this long, Oslo some trimmed in nailheads.

Graded in fabric POP Selection:         Avant Garde- Wild, 020


How did Tucson get the nickname, “The Old Pueblo”?  Here is an excerpt from Jim Turner in the Tucson Star:

“Founded in 1775 on top of a prehistoric Hohokam village, Tucson was first called the Presidio San Agustín del Tucson. Taken from the Latin word praesidium, these outposts were first established on the hostile frontiers of the Roman Empire in the first century A.D. They were not just garrisons or forts, but self-contained villages where families and other civilians, as well as the soldiers, lived inside a protective wall.

At first, the term pueblo, or pueblito, referred to the Pima Indian village at the base of “A” Mountain several miles to the southwest, not to the presidio, where the Pima County Courthouse and the Tucson Museum of Art are now. A century later, the name moved from the Indian village across the Santa Cruz River to downtown Tucson.”


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