The art of the accessory

Do you like it simple? Or have more of a flair for the dramatic? Have something classic in mind?  Or want to go a little more avant-garde? Or maybe you’ve got an older piece that feels like it could use a change. The simple answer: accessories.

It’s amazing what a little contrasting color, print, or texture can add to a piece. You can go from casual to luxury, subtle to bold, safe to daring, stiff to comfortable, or simply accent the features of a piece you already love. In fact, the right accessories are often what finish off the ambience of the room. Check out the difference the accessories make with our Kaitlyn sofa below – and imagine what else you could do!

Kaitlyn 3:4

Our Kaitlyn sofa on her own (beautiful as ever)


Kaitlyn 3:4 Pillows

Plus pillows…


Kaitlyn 3:4 poofs

Our Kaitlyn sofa plus pillows and our custom poufs. Print mixing for the win!

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