Ever want your own brand of furniture?

We offer private labeling service to the design trade.

Why should you care.. Your Brand Is Your Promise To Your Customers!

Let your clients know you designed their Pacific furniture just for them, build your reputation, and personalize the process for your clients.  In this day of cookie-cutter furniture, this program ensures one of a kind exclusivity.  Plus, your client can never shop you online.

We offer an extensive upholstered line for every room (dining, living, bedroom) and for all industries (from residential to commercial). Select from a wide range of available designs, sizes and materials for private branding.

  1. No Minimums
  2. Its as easy as emailing/upload your logo & we will take care of the rest. Now you have your own custom brand!
  3. Be certain to use your customer’s name in the sidemark because it is printed on your custom label.


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