Because Sh*t Happens.

Kids and dogs and coffee and pizza and wine and life OH MY, what we put our furniture through! Thank goodness science has our backs where we can’t help but just be human (or canine). Advanced technologies developed by the textile industry have helped to create high performance fabrics that can endure the toughest of love, the reddest of wines, the hairiest of pooches, and see the kids through from the nursery to when they’re parents themselves.

Perhaps the most well known of these technologies is Crypton.

Their fabrics “are engineered to stand up to every smudge, stain and spill your family will bring to the table… Crypton fabric promises and delivers superior performance. With its patented performance technology built into every fiber, Crypton’s impenetrable moisture barrier won’t ever break down its resistance to stains, moisture, mildew, and odors.”

This newest generation of Crypton is also soft and available in many textures, patterns and styles.   We carry Crypton fabrics across most of our lines, including:


There are also many options beyond Crypton.  Avant Garde, MJDGreenhouse Fabrics, Knoll, and JF Fabrics also have their own variations and added features in their high-performance textiles. These fabrics come in all textures, colors, patterns, and materials.

We can help you sort through the options in our showroom!

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