So thankful for all of you!


It is so important to tell others how much they are appreciated.  We hope you all know how thankful we are for your business, your support and most of all, your friendship!

As we approach the final few weeks of 2018 and start to head into a new year, we reflect on all of the changes we have seen this year.  We also want to thank all of the lines we represent for making 2018 an AMAZING year so far.

The Fabricut family of brands has changed our showroom and our lives!  What an astounding group of people we have the privilege of working with.  Many of you have met Misty Trevino, the local rep, as she has worked tirelessly helping to get our showroom organized.  We also appreciated the help of Laura, Heather and Mike who joined us in the showroom for a week of hard work, laughter and sometimes, tears!

JFFabrics has shown us some wonderful wall coverings and new Ashley Wilde fabrics this year!

We have made some stunning furnishings this year using graded in fabrics from Avant Garde, George M, and Greenhouse.  We certainly won’t forget the super cool fabrics and vinyls that Knoll has shown us this year!

If you have not been in to see the new Peacock Alley bedding collection, you need to stop by!  We can help you select the right bedding for your clients…or yourself!

TruCollective has fabricated some fabulous pieces for our clients.  Check them out if you haven’t already.  If you need metal work, wood pieces or a combination of the two, you will ADORE them…almost as much as we do!

We are so excited about our new MOTION FURNITURE!  Did you see it in action in last weeks Current?  If you have not had a chance to sit and recline, we invite you to do so soon!  Put your feet up, have some M & M’s and a Perrier.

We can not forget to thank all of our leather vendors…Carroll, Crest, Hide House and coming to the showroom VERY SOON, Barbarossa Leather.

We have made some exceptional furniture pieces this year using these brands and we can not wait to see what new ideas you come up in the coming year!  We simply cannot thank you all enough for your thoughtfulness this past year.



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