Introducing: La Réve

Our newest Collection from Vervain

Defined as “the dream” in French, Le Rêve is comprised of patterns that seem to be a memory from an enchanted or mysterious dream.Either through pattern or color, the imagery gives the impression of a place your mind has been and remembers.


EDEN  Enter our garden of Eden, an enchanted garden filled with captivating flora. Classical toile renderings influenced the drawing of the pattern, but Eden is interpreted through a modern lens. The fine yet expressive line drawing is paired with a crisp white that results in the fresh traditional style of Eden.


ORIGAMI  Origami – the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes and figures.  The rippling surface of this exquisite texture is created by weaving plush chenille on a fine filament warp. With mixes of various colors of chenille, the fabric’s texture is suggestive of layers of delicately folded paper.


KANA VELVET  Kana Velvet is a modern interpretation of plaid as a jacquard velvet. Wide bands of velvet pile are crossed with underlying ground stripes to form a bold plaid. The dense velvet pile is plush and smooth and a horizontal and vertical ground layer peaks through the screen-like effect of the velvet pile pattern.



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