No More Mommy Dearest Moments!

With the seemingly unlimited variety of Performance Fabrics available on the market today, many may wonder – what is the best choice for my lifestyle?  We want every Pacific piece looking like new forever – or at least until you are sick of it.  We thought it might be helpful to provide a little info on a few of the most asked for fabric treatment options on the market, so you can help your clients make an informed decision.


Alta™ is the latest water-based high-performance technology that repels both water & oil based stains. It is the only technology that is engineered to provide the correct level of protection for each application (environment) that it is specified in to include fire code compliance. Alta™ technology is bonded permanently to the individual fibers with a covalent bond, it will not wear off or wash off. Alta™ is durable to spot cleaning, commercial laundering and dry cleaning.

Most generic stain finishes are topical, temporary, and will wash or wear off. Alta™ is bonded permanently to the fiber and will last the life of the fabric. Unbranded soil and stain can often make fabrics burn, Alta™ does just the opposite making fabrics meet the correct fire code. Unbranded soil and stain finishes do not make any claims to efficacy while Alta™ displays each level of benefit. Our competitors’ technologies are designed to provide the same level of performance on a fabric no matter the end environment, which leads to over engineering fabrics, higher cost, and fabrics under performing based on the demand of the environment.

Find out more about Alta applied:textiles HERE



Crypton revolutionized contract design. Its performance is permanent, customized and guaranteed, with 14+ patents to ensure it. Crypton not only meets/ exceeds all contract standards, it set most of them with a game-changing integrated moisture barrier, unique disinfectablility and 5-year warranty.  No compromises – hand, design or performance.  Crypton Home utilizes the same “repel and release” technology as Crypton, but is tailored for use in the home. Each fiber of Crypton Home is encapsulated with our patented technology through an immersion process, so it never breaks down its resistance to stains, moisture, and odors.

Spills? No problem.  Crypton innovation repels liquids, even oil-based spills!
Odors? Full stop.  Odors don’t linger or spread.
Stains? No worry.  It’s so easy to clean, most people can’t believe their eyes.
Wear? Not here!  Don’t let its softness and beauty fool you. Crypton’s durability is unmatched.

Find out more about Crypton Fabric HERE



FibreGuard is a trusted fabric quality label that represents a convenient solution to carefree easy living.  Combining the latest Stain Free Technology with high quality textiles, the FibreGuard label ensures long lasting and low maintenance fabrics. Whether ballpoint pen, mud,  coffee, red wine or ketchup, common every day stains are easily removed.  Plus, every FibreGuard fabric is Oeko-Tex endorsed certifying that the fabrics are produced in a way that is safe for both our environment and humans – no harmful chemicals or finishes are released from these fabrics.

Find out more about FibreGuard Technology HERE


These technologies are also offered on Color Studio Clean, Fabricut’s newest three-book set.  With built-in stain repellency and soil release cleaning will be a breeze. These performance fabrics feature a mosaic of bold pattern, rich color, and sumptuous texture that are both child and pet friendly.



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