The Pacific Factory is Still Rolling!

That is actual video of our production team making protective shields and masks.  Well, not really.

This is the video;

We are in the battle against Covid-19 by protecting our frontline troops against the Hidden Enemy!

Here is an Avondale fire captain demonstrating our face shield and mask.

Now back to furniture;  We have been informed that many of the out of state manufacturers have temporarily closed.  We wanted to reach out to let you know, if there is anything we can do to help you complete a project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Currently, the Factory is open and available to serve you during regular business hours. Suffering from insomnia??  Not even sure what day it is?  No problem, the website: is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  With every day bringing new notices and closures, our goal is to remain operational throughout this unknown journey!

We are available to correspond and confirm orders via phone and email as always.

We welcome you to visit the showroom by appointment, if you are free of symptoms or known exposure.  We will only allow one appointment at a time to limit the risk of exposure so please call the showroom 480.905.6953 in advance.

Please bear with our fastidious cleaning.   All surfaces are disinfected after each visitor, hand sanitizer is available along with soap and water in our bathroom.

You can continue to shop fabrics online, please let us know if you need samples, CFA’s or would like to place an order:

We would love to order any memo samples you may need to keep your projects moving forward!  Please email requests for memos to:

For current updates, please visit this site:  Pacific Covid-19 status

Email addresses:

As always, stay safe, stay well and stay positive!  

602-258-7827 Factory
480-905-6953 Showroom

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