DESIGN TRADE: If you are in need of a few community masks, we have you covered.  Available in a pack of 5!  Stop by the showroom, give Dan a long distance hello and pick up a pack of masks.  They are hand washable, just lay flat and allow time to dry.  

It spins, it  folds, it pleats!  It is the best thing since the last best thing!

It is the MASK-O-MATIC from Pacific!

All kidding aside, while we are blessed to be able to help by producing masks and shields, we have encountered many challenges, especially challenging was how to quickly produce the best possible product for the public while maximizing efficiency.

With no time to purchase complicated machinery, we conceived of the Mask-O-Matic which can be made quickly and affordably with readily available supplies.

Our hope is that by providing these plans for free, many companies can replicate our success and help as many people as possible.




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