Pacific is so excited to work with the talented Lauren Rosenberg, crafting the perfect pieces for her clients. Below is a bit of background and stunning photos of the finished project. Enjoy todays blog posts!

“Months ago before Queen’s Gambit came out on Netflix I was designing my client’s townhouse in Rio Verde, who is a chess expert. In fact, his whole life evolves around the game of chess. It was my intention to create a custom-designed masculine interior that reflects the game of chess.  So, I picked a fabric that actually looks like chess pawns (see the closeup photo), and I sectioned off a special place in his home where he and his partners can play.

Then the Netflix series came out, and all of a sudden chess is the biggest thing.

The great room (and in fact the whole house) contains wood, fabric, leather, iron, marble and chrome.  I combined a solid and print fabric throughout the great room. The look can be described as modern, industrial, clean and timeless.” – Lauren

Featured below is our Stephanie Chair filled with super soft LuxDown.

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